Compare between Condenser and Cooler

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        Today both Condenser and Cooler are very important heat exchanging components in refrigeration equipments, which are widely applied in many fields. Lots of customers who look for UAR for model selection are curious about the difference between Condenser and Cooler. So let’s make a brief introduction.

1)      Phase change doesn’t occur in Cooler while it happens in Condenser. Generally, the difference lies in the spot and tube diameter of inlet and outlet. Connection tube in/outlet diameter varies a lot more than Cooler’s, which can be observed and compare obviously.

        2)      The second difference between Condenser and Cooler is their configuration of baffle plate. To Condenser its baffle plate construction is usually mounted left and right while Cooler’s are mounted up and down. One reason is their different heat exchange rate.

        3)     Intercooler has liquid level meter and liquid level control port while Condenser doesn’t have any. For intercooler, its gas inlet and outlet locates on top of vessel with tube diameter basically same sized. But Condenser’s liquid outlet locates at the bottom of vessel, and its outlet tube diameter has much different tube diameter. Intercooler’s ammonia inlet and outlet locates at the bottom of vessel while Condensers’ are not. For vertical Condenser, its inlet and outlet port locate up and down, for horizontal type they locates at one end of the vessel.

        In summary, if phase changing occur inside then it belongs to Condenser, when it doesn’t then it’s Cooler. Gas enters Condenser from top of shell, where there forms a condensing surface area and gas gathers on the top too, so baffle plates are settled left and right as to prolong stay of condensate liquid for continuous cooling. For Cooler, after feedstock is delivered inside, baffles plates will be mounted up and down in order to allow coolant fully filled whole Cooler, making use of full heat exchanger area. 

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