Product Name: Shell and Tube Evaporator
Cooling capacity range:
Evaporation temperature:


1) High Efficiency Dry Type Evaporator for Single; 2) Double and Triple Circuits/High Efficiency Flooded Type Evaporator for Single; 3) Double and Triple CircuitsHeat exchange range: 3TR – 900TR
Flooded type/ marine
Type/ water-water type / heat recovery type
Refrigerant: R22, R134a, R407c, R404a, etc.
1)License D1, D2 for design and manufacture of pressure vessel
2)Most parts are self-made from raw sheet metal material
3)Quality assurance
4)Pressure test before delivery
5)Supply to other chiller manufacturers
6)OEM welcome                                           ▼Air Condition National Grade "BR1" High Pressure Vessels Certification;
▼Fabicated from raw metal sheets, cutting, bending, rolling are self made under China Authority D1, D2 Certification;
▼All associated parts including covers, tube sheet, eliminator, flanges, sensor wells, are all made within the production line;
▼X-ray Leakage test, Water Bath Leakage Test, N2 Pressure Test with third party certification for each heat exchanger before shipment;
▼CE Certification Product;
▼OEM Business for Air Condition and Refrigeration Chiller manufactures.

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