Product Name: Shell and Tube Spray (falling film) Evaporator
Cooling capacity range:
Evaporation temperature:


Product Type: Shell and Tube Spray(falling film) Evaporator

Model:UCP Series

Lead Time:15 working days


Product Features:

Copper tubes is well organized & fixed in middle of shell, under spray of liquidized refrigerant on top from a distributor, liquid refrigerant flows down on tube surfaces, forming a thin falling liquid film. Heat transfer is greatly increased in this way with less copper tube used, which means less oil is carried away from compressor, even better protects stability of chiller. Evaporation temperature is 5℃ or higher.


Supply Range:

1) Cooling Capacity: 80~1500RT;

2) Refrigeration Circuit: 1, 2 circuits

3) Refrigerant: R134A


Optional Choice:

a) Sight Glass customized position on shell

b) Painting Colour: Standard: Black; Optional: Green, Blue, White, Grey, Red, Orange, etc.



Application & Industry

1) Comfort Cooling for Central Air Conditioner

2) Industrial Refrigeration & Heating



1) All components are self-made from raw material inside our factory.

2) ISO9001 system ensures factory effective organization.

3) ISO14001 clean production & eco-friendly to protect our world.

4) Quality Assurance System ensures excellent & stable quality:

- National certified third party pressure-holding inspection.

- Welding beam X-ray exam

- Pressure Vessel interior magnetic powder/ultra-sonic test

- Water-bath Leakage tests, etc.

5) Customized dimension & configuration, to build your most suitable Heat Exchanger!

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