Product Name: Suction Accumulator (Gas-liquid Separator)
Cooling capacity range:
Evaporation temperature:


Product Type:Suction Accumulator (Gas-liquid Separator)

Model:COYA Series

Lead Time:15 working days


Product Features:

Liquid Receiver (Gas-liquid Separator) is installed in suction line of compressor to collect & prevent liquid form refrigerant from entering into compressor, to avoid “liquid strike” damage to compressor, so as to make complete chiller system more reliable by better protecting compressor’s long running life.



Supply Range:

1) Storage Volume: 4L to 350L;

2) Refrigerant: R407C, R134A, R22, R404A, R410A, R123, R507A, etc.


Application & Industry

1) Comfort Cooling for Central Air Conditioner

2) Industrial Refrigeration & Heating



1) All components are self-made from raw material inside our factory.

2) ISO9001 system ensures factory effective organization.

3) ISO14001 clean production & eco-friendly to protect our world.

4) Quality Assurance System ensures excellent & stable quality:

- National certified third party pressure-holding inspection.

- Welding beam X-ray exam

- Pressure Vessel interior magnetic powder/ultra-sonic test

- Water-bath Leakage tests, etc.

5) Customized dimension & configuration, to build your most suitable Heat Exchanger!

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